No one knows how many people get burned, humiliated and lose their children in child custody cases, but it’s got to be a lot. The court system is complex, and something most folks know little about.

A new book, Child Custody A to Z, changes this, as Private Investigator Guy White reveals secrets he has learned in 20 years of handling child custody cases for clients.

“You may be well equipped to be a loving parent, but you probably have no clue on how to win custody of your child when things get ugly,” says White, a Phoenix-based licensed private investigator since 1983. “I’ve watched parents get destroyed emotionally and financially by a system they do not understand.”

One key secret, according to White, is gathering evidence in preparation for trial. Courts can be responsive to properly presented facts, but these do not jump up and present themselves on their own. “A client that manages and prepares their case before trial has a decidedly better chance to prevail,” he says.

Subtitled “Winning With Evidence,” the book describes in laymen’s terms the intricacies of the process. White speaks boldly of the “racket” of child custody, including dirty tricks that are common, injustices built into the system, and notably, the bias in favor of mothers that is an integral part of the process. He also shines a bright light on attorneys and so-called court experts, many of whom are not the professionals one might expect.

Parents who are facing the nightmare of a child custody battle should get this book. It will open your eyes, and could just be the difference between winning and losing… your children.

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