Guy White has worked as a criminal investigator for the prosecution as well as defense investigator, where he learned the value of evidence collection.  He was fortunate to learn investigation from highly trained investigators early in his career.  In 1989 Mr. White quickly learned the paradigm of how child custody cases are decided in an overwhelmed justice system.  He also learned that often evidence was overlooked to enhance the outcomes.



In 1991 this knowledge and experience became a defining moment in his life when he helped a family member obtain custody. The coaching, the consulting, the strategizing, took on a life of its own and became a passion for Guy.  The word got out and father’s groups, mother’s groups and grandparent’s groups began contacting Guy for help with their cases.

In 2005, Mr. White published the book Child Custody A to Z, Winning with Evidence.  It didn’t take long for the book to climb to number 1 on Amazon in its category – child custody.  Radio and television stations contacted Guy for interviews.  This threw Guy and his book into the national spotlight and he garnered clients all across the country. 


Mr. White approaches a case as a listener.  Often parents have much more evidence than they realize.  Parents sometimes don’t understand what evidence is important in their child custody case; or the parents received bad advice and they don’t have a custody case.  Guy will give you his opinion either way.  Guy White works his cases with objective, strategy and resolution.


Mr. White believes that honesty and ethics are the two most important qualities as a child custody consultant.  The ethical duty to inform clients of whether or not they have a viable case. Guy does not intentionally escalate a case.  On the other hand, if the parent has a strong custody case based on facts, Guy will show the parent how to maximize the value of the evidence.


As a forensic investigator, Mr. White has many years of experience of collecting and preparing evidence for trial.  Guy is trained in Kinesic Interviewing Techniques.  He has poured through hundreds if child custody evaluations and punched holes in erroneous recommendations.  He has interviewed numerous child custody evaluators and has gleaned insight into what evaluators are looking for in parents. In addition, Guy served in the Army Reserve in Military Intelligence as well as the Field Artillery as a squad leader.

Guy White Appears on the Arizona Almanac Radio Program