Child Custody

Hi, my name is Guy White and I’m child custody consultant and author of Child Custody A to Z: Winning with Evidence. I want to take some time to talk about child custody today.  The topic I want to talk about is controlling your emotions, which is the first chapter of my book. If you don’t […]


Hi, my name is Guy White. I’m a Child Custody Consultant and Author of Child Custody A to Z – Winning with Evidence. What I want to talk about today is Child Custody Evaluations. When you do a custody evaluation, the therapist is looking for personality disorders and they are trying to diagnosis it with their […]


I want to pass on a tip today. A lot of people I work for are in all States. I’ve worked in 30 to 40 States in the Union now and there’s a thing called a “Best Interests Law”. In your State, you need to do the research to see what the best interest law […]



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