The thought of losing custody of your child can be very daunting and emotional. child-custody-free-consultation
However, there is no reason to panic if you find yourself fighting for custody of your child. Guy White has over 25 years of experience with child custody cases, and can help you win your case with evidence. A free consultation child custody form is available at the bottom of this page. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding child custody cases:

Do I need an attorney for my child custody case?

Attorneys are an important part of your team. However, if you cannot afford a lawyer, it is still possible to attain your desired outcome. A competent paralegal can also aid in filing the proper documents for your case. Evidence and strategy is paramount to winning custody of your child. How you use the evidence is important as well.

Guy White is a Forensic Investigator trained to gather evidence. In addition, Mr. White creates a checklist of evidence tailor made for the circumstances that pertain to your case. Every case is different and the strategy must be specific to the dynamics of your case. Guy White also has a background in psychology and is quite familiar with the schematics of Custody Evaluations.

If you want more information about Guy White and his services, please check out some of the testimonials from past clients.

Does Guy White work for Grandparents?

Yes, Absolutely! Grandparents are the emerging client because of the four D’s: Death Desertion, Drugs and Divorce. Guy also works for step-parents and other family members.
Do you think because you are a grandparent you don’t have any rights to child custody?  Think again.  Guy White works with many grandparents to win custody of their grandchildren.

Does Guy White work for Fathers?

Being a father doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get custody.
It may seem that courts always side with the mother in child custody cases, but really, they side with evidence.  Guy has turned many cases around for fathers, giving them full custody of their child.

Does Guy White work for Mothers?

Being a mother doesn’t mean you automatically get custody.
It may seem that courts always side with the mother in child custody cases, but really, they side with evidence.  Many mothers make the mistake of not investing in a child custody consultant and risk losing their custody cases!

Does Guy White work throughout the country?

Yes, Guy has the ability to consult on child custody cases in all states.

When should I hire Guy White for my child custody case?

Guy prefers to work cases from the beginning. This is the best way to ensure you don’t make critical mistakes on your case. Your child custody case is like a chess game. One wrong move could reduce your chances of securing custody of your child. It is important that you consult with Guy White immediately to insure your ability to attain custody.

Can I get a free consultation for my child custody case?

Yes! Simply fill out the form below. The specific information you provide will allow Guy to assess your child custody case and consult you with the next steps moving forward. Once complete, Guy will get back to you with a time to talk in the next few business days.


The consultation does not cover laws of any particular state. The consultation is based on Guy White’s experience as a Child Custody Consultant. The advice, opinions, and recommendations have no guarantee of accuracy expressed or implied as legal advice or a restatement of law.