Meet Guy White

Child Custody Consultant

30 Years of Experience and Knowledge

 “Help!” is the first word a parent yells when faced with a child custody battle. Child Custody Consultant and Author Guy White cuts through and captures the essence of how child custody cases are won and lost. Guy White, Child Custody Consultant navigates you through the flawed system of justice. Evidence is the most overlooked aspect of a custody case.

Why should I use Guy's consulting services?

Guy White has 30+ years of consulting on child custody cases all across the country. Child custody is a chess game and one bad move can destroy your entire case. Guy prides himself on designing a specific strategy for each client. Every case is different with different family dynamics. Too often parents are caught up in an assembly line of legal gymnastics they don’t understand. Guy consults, coaches and executes specific strategies for his clients through this legal quagmire.

What will Guy's consulting services help me with?

Consulting services include but are not limited to:

•  How to investigate your case

•  How to design a strategy

•  How to gather evidence

•  How to choose an attorney

•  How to communicate with an attorney

•  How to approach visitation exchanges

•  How to deal with restraining orders

•  How to respond to text, emails and phone calls

•  How to prove the parent’s inability to co-parent

•  When to hire a private investigator

•  How to prove a drug or alcohol problem

•  How to expose a personality disorder

•  When to disclose evidence

•  How to use collateral witnesses

•  How to take a custody evaluation

•  How to impeach court experts

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What clients and readers are saying:

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“Guy White definitely sees custody different than my attorney which actually helped me win my case.”

I purchased my book for $21.95.  This was the best $21.95 I have ever spent.  This book helped me understand the issues of custody plain and simple.  Guy White definitely sees custody different than my attorney which actually helped me win my case.  I was struggling with what to do with my child custody case. The numerous attorneys I spoke with were clueless and I was frustrated.  I searched and found Child Custody A to Z.  All the tools I needed were in this easy to read book.  After reading the book (it took me 1 day) it was obvious I needed to contact Guy White.  I hired Guy to essentially pilot me through the process of everything from communicating with my attorney to keeping my composure.  He was direct, to the point and never wasted a moment to find the facts needed for me to win my custody case.  This book will definitely help put you on a direct path to understanding what is needed to win custody or at least give it your best shot.  By hiring Mr. White he turned my case around and saved me money in additional legal fees.

Paige, Reader and Consulting Client


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