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“Help!” is the first wordfather and child on beach a parent yells when faced with a child custody battle. Child Custody Consultant and Author Guy White cuts through and captures the essence of how child custody cases are won and lost. Guy White, Child Custody Guy navigates you through the flawed system of justice. Evidence is the most overlooked aspect of a custody case.


Guy White has 25 plus years of consulting on child custody cases all across the country. Child custody is a chess game and one bad move can destroy your entire case. Guy prides himself on designing a specific strategy for each client. Every case is different with different family dynamics. Too often parents are caught up in an assembly line of legal gymnastics they don’t understand. Guy consults, coaches and executes specific strategies for his clients through this legal quagmire.

Guy White’s child custody consulting services includes but is not limited to:

  • How to investigate your case
  • How to design a strategy
  • How to gather evidence
  • How to choose an attorney
  • How to communicate with an attorney
  • How to approach visitation exchanges
  • How to deal with restraining orders
  • How to respond to text, emails and phone calls
  • How to prove the parent’s inability to co-parent
  • When to hire a private investigator
  • How to prove a drug or alcohol problem
  • How to expose a personality disorder
  • When to disclose evidence
  • How to use collateral witnesses
  • How to take a custody evaluation
  • How to impeach court experts

The Child Custody Guy role plays with his clients on testimony, because there’s no substitute for preparation!

Work with Guy White on Your Child Custody Case

Guy has availability for a free consultation for those that are interested in working directly with Guy White on their case.

Simply go to this page and fill out this form completely and he will contact you shortly to set up an appointment.

This book is replete with case studies that tells the real story of the controversial game of child custody.
There is no substitute for preparation. The author takes you through the step-by-step formula for winning with evidence.

Child Custody A to Z – Winning with Evidence covers topics such as:

Anatomy of Child Custody                                    Three Ways to Win Child Custodychild custody a to z

Issues of Child Custody                                         Visitation Exchange

Creating a Diary                                                     Choosing a Child Custody Attorney

Sneak Attack and Gather Evidence                     How to Use an Investigator

Common Errors in Child Custody Cases            Parental Alienation

Personality Disorders                                            Vicarious Consent

Overcoming a Child Custody Evaluation            What Custody Evaluators Look for in Parents

Impeaching Child Custody Evaluators                Grandparents: The Emerging Child Custody Client


As a forensic investigator, I wrote the book to explain the gap that is prevalent in the legal system.  The art and techniques of gathering evidence is the theme of the book.  However, I also show the importance of tactics and strategy.  I’m simply showing you how to navigate through the flawed justice system.  With an ever-increasing divorce rate in America, the broken family has put our children at risk.  To say one parent is better than another can only be examined on a case-by-case basis. 

I have consulted on child custody cases in most states.  Since I wrote the book, the best interest laws have not changed dramatically.  Therefore, the book is not outdated.  Good evidence still tips the scale in child custody cases.  Just like it does in criminal and civil cases. In my experience, evidence is still the most overlooked aspect of a child custody case.  Numerous child custody books have been written since I published my book, Child Custody A to Z – Winning with Evidence in 2005.  A lot of these books are about one parent’s experience.  But that’s only one case. Every case is different with different circumstances. I have consulted on thousands of cases.  The other topic covered in these books—are about custody evaluations.  But they are not about proving your case. My strategy still rings true, that evidence is not collected and utilized in child custody cases.  When I field calls from prospective clients and I begin gathering details, I find that they have much more evidence than their attorney has applied in their cases.  In my opinion, the child custody community focus on the custody evaluation and they get trapped in a myopic mindset.  If the parent does poorly on the custody evaluation then their case is over.   The psychological testing wins or loses their case! I also think that the custody evaluation is over used.  If you have solid evidence you don’t need a custody evaluation.  I think in most child custody cases, we are treating the symptom not the problem.  My position is: behavior should be more important than psychological testing.  I interviewed a custody evaluator on my radio show several years ago.  I finally got him to admit a custody evaluation is incomplete.  He said it’s just a snapshot.  Yet children all across the country are placed with the wrong parent with this template on how custody is decided in America.  I can tell you from experience that too often the custody evaluation is a popularity contest rather than a best interest contest. 

So how do we change this?  It comes full circle once again with evidence.  Evidence that points out the behavior of the parent. How and when you use the evidence is equally important.  The timing matters because if you disclose your evidence too soon, the parent has time to clean up their act. This is exactly why you need me to navigate you through this flawed child custody system of justice.

Child Custody and Best Interest Law

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