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Discover Guy White's proven strategies based on 30+ years of experience winning custody cases. No filler content, no irrelevant information.

7 Modules

Child Custody 101 contains 7 complete modules that guide you through the critical processes of your child custody journey.

12 Interactive Activities

This course contains 10 interactive activities that allow you to brainstorm and build a unique plan for your custody case.

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Recieve a free download of Guy White's Amazon best-selling custody book, Child Custody A to Z: Winning With Evidence.

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Once you complete the corresponding lessons, you can use the custom timeline and evidence package builders provided in your dashboard.

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Get a glimpse of the different topics you will cover in this course.

Yoga Beginner course

Control Your Emotions

Commitment and Mindset

2 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course

Custody Defined

Types of Custody and Who Can Seek Custody

2 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course

Choosing An Attorney

Guidelines and Personality

2 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course

The Package

Case Preparation and Evidence Collection

6 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course

Using The Package

Offense, Deposition, Strategy, and Timing

2 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course


Authentication, Chain, and Techniques

2 lessons in this module
Yoga Beginner course

Custody Evaluation

Personality Disorders, Parental Alienation, and Do's and Don'ts

4 lessons in this module

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