Guy White

Custody Consultant, Author, & Private Investigator

An Industry-Leading Custody Expert

Custody expert Guy White cuts through the nonsense to capture the essence of how cases are won and lost. With over 30 years of experience guiding guardians through custody disputes, he has the experience required to craft the winning strategy for your unique child custody case.

Build A Unique Plan For YOUR Specific Case

Every case is different, and your plan of action should be created accordingly. Guy builds a unique strategy for each case in order to address specific circumstances of a dispute. These are some of the consultative services provided based on your needs.

Investigate Your Case

With over 30 years of experience helping people win custody, Guy knows exactly how to investigate your unique case.

Design a Strategy

Building a solid strategy to win custody is the foundation for success. No custody case is the same— a unique plan is a requirement.

Gather Evidence

As an experienced forensic investigator, he knows where and how to look for the evidence that can win your case.

Communication With Your Attorney

Learn exactly what to say and how to say it when you’re discussing your case with your legal counsel.

Impeach Court Experts

Knowing how to discredit an expert that doesn’t have your best interests in mind can be the difference between winning and losing.

Handle a Custody Evaluaton

Guy knows exactly how Custody Evaluations are conducted, and provides the tools and knowledge you need to be prepared.

Approach Visitation Exchanges

Visitation can seem like a complex topic. With hundreds of custody cases under his belt, Guy can coach you regarding your high-conflict child exchanges.

Responding to Texts or Phone Calls

Your responses to other parties during the custody dispute can make or break your case. Learn exactly what to say, and what not to say.

And Much More

The guidance doesn’t stop here. Every case is different, and it’s important to address your unique needs. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with Guy.

Win the custody you deserve

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Guy.


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